Cableway across the Olivine River

Cableway across the Olivine River

Weee this was fun. Had to spend 10 minutes hand cranking it over from the other side of the river, then another 5 minutes climbing in the damn thing and positioning pack and walking poles so that I could actually crank the carts handle and not have things fall out the bottom through that gap in the netting. Then another 10 minures cranking across the river. The wire sags in the middle so you end up haveing to crank uphill! Fun though!



  • pmcke pmcke There were 6 of us to get across on this thing. After lubricating a seized pully with half the trip's margarine everyone proceeded to cross. Meanwhile I wandered down to the river, easily crossed it on foot and came up the other side to help the other 5 unload as they came across. I am afraid that dangling in mid air from that thing would only be for the direst emergency in my mind.
    23 August 2009
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