The Pyke River

The Pyke River

A typical river section of the Pyke Route. The river bank and track completely eroded away and the track marker trees in the river. This section is just South of the Olivine hut, looking towards Mt Madeline.



  • Yarmoss Yarmoss Yeah the route does go South from Wilmot well away from the river. This is a mixed blessing for while you miss the swamp and riverbank erosion, you have to follow the poorly marked and overgrown route through the bush for several hours. Very easy to lose the route. At least the river was fairly easy to follow.
    24 August 2009
  • I reakon if I went the Big Bay-Alabaster Route it would have been easier as they have marked it this way-the track around Wilmot and above to the Pyke Crossing was the worse bit with no sign of much to be had. The bit around Alabaster would have been a nightmare if the lake was up as you have to wade it. The big clearing from Alabaster to Olivine are tricky and another bit where we had to crawl along a trench along Davey Gunns cattle track just before the Barrier was fun too!
    22 August 2009
  • pmcke pmcke The old track used to follow the riverbank and while good in places, the problem is with erosion just as you describe. When I was last there, which was over 10 years now a new route had been marked along the base of the hill, this was at least away from the erosion and the swamps in between. Even so, the going was pretty awful. I doubt it has improved.
    22 August 2009
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