Toaroha Valley

Toaroha Valley

Climbing above Adventure Ridge bivvy leads to this impressive view of the Toaroha from Mt Reeves


  • Honora Honora Yes, I can see a route in and out of the Hokitika encompassing Gerhardt Spur and the Squall Pk track. It could even involve the new Bluff swingbridge and repositioned Bluff Hut.
    5 August 2010
  • Andrew Barker Andrew Barker Hi Honora. Just cast your mind back a year, and link up with your Hokitika, Whitcombe, Frew, Mungo and Toaroha circuit. That will complete the loop! Been thinking of doing this one myself one day. Cheers
    22 July 2010
  • Honora Honora Is there some way of avoiding the 32km gap between the 2 road ends?
    21 July 2010
  • Andrew Barker Andrew Barker Viewers might be interested to know that the Squall Peak track climbs the ridge in the centre of the picture. It then links up with the Gerhardt Spur track on the other side of the Diedrichs Range. This makes a nice 2 day circuit. Cheers
    21 July 2010
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