Crow Hut (Ruahine Ranges)

Crow Hut (Ruahine Ranges)

Crow Hut on the Kawhatau River in the western Ruahine Ranges.



  • madpom madpom Don't think it saw any on this midwinter day. Mind you - it got a lot colder on the tops. The dog started the day by taking one look at the swingbridge, saying no way boss, and swimming the river. First I knew of it she was disappearing off round the bend below the hut backwards trying to swim against the current. Turned up as always though - nuzzling for pats: 'Aren't I clever?!' We then climbed over the next two 1400m+ ranges to first Wakelings and then Maropea Forks - didn't drop out of the snow all day and the tussocks had 2 inch thick ice coatings on each stem - was like walking through frozen razorblades. Poor bitch - had to feel for her starting that day with a wet coat, but it didn't seem to bother her.
    21 June 2010
  • russy russy looks like a cold spot! does the sun get in there much?
    20 June 2010
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