Copland Shelter

Copland Shelter

Copland Shelter below Copeland Pass



  • Sunny1 Sunny1 its one of the best huts in the park. no visitors ! its only for emergency over-nighters, so not much room or facilities. great view tho. and no, it won't roll - even in high winds, it seems to sit really stable. (great potential tho ! :-0 !! the copeland pass is just up there in the rocks to the left. nice shot Andrew.
    18 March 2011
  • pmcke pmcke No now. Don't put ideas into people's heads
    8 June 2009
  • madpom madpom That oil-drum looks like it's about to roll down that mountainside.
    8 June 2009
  • peter1945 peter1945 WOW! You stayed here?
    7 June 2009
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