Guess where?

Guess where?

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  • Honora Honora 'zat you, bro? Funny, Brian and Diana have been on this site too...
    8 February 2012
  • Longtack Longtack Good sketch Honora. I wonder if someone rescued the vacuum cleaner from where I dumped it??
    12 November 2011
  • Honora Honora How did you find that one out! The vacumn cleaner went out in the chopper with DoC, then to the old Arthurs Pass National Park dump where it was rescued by us and taken to our bach there. Unfortunately for Frank who had lugged it all the way in to Big Tops Hut, it got thrown away by my big bro' in a tidy up!
    18 May 2009
  • Pen sketch by Honora of Big Tops Hut (yes, that's a vacuum cleaner)
    18 May 2009
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