Sawpit Gully Walkway • By TheGMan.

Unless you have a 4WD vehicle, leave it parked at Butler Park at the western end of Buckingham Street. Cross the footbridge over Bush Creek near the remains of the Settlement and head upstream (following Bush Creek west, not the Arrow River north) along a vehicle track, following a large pipeline, part of the Arrow Irrigation Scheme. There is a parking area at the beginning of a track that provides access to Sawpit Gully, Big Hill, Macetown and Bush Creek.

Car park, Bush Creek-Dam: ΒΌ hr, easy

Steps climb over the pipeline and sidle on the true left bank of the creek. Young sycamores and other introduced weeds have invaded the area, choking the creekbed. A bridge crosses a side creek and the Bush Creek track keeps left at a junction with the longer tracks. After a few minutes a pair of logs are crossed over Bush Creek and the track continues on the true right bank for a minute or two. At a sandy, open patch above a small fall the track crosses the creek again (a false trail continues prominently along the wrong side for a few metres). The track climbs up the true left bank and comes to the dam site soon after. There is some beech forest beginning to dominate over the introduced species in the area.