Te Matawai Hut

Te Matawai Hut

Another view of the hut.



  • madpom madpom Came into this hut late one afternoon. Trying to snow outside and bitterly cold. Opening the door a wall of heat roled out: like opening the oven or walking outside in Vic / Sth Australia on a 45+ degree day, wondering if your eyebrows are still there. Cheerful greeting from a couple of DOC-contracted goat cullers. Got chatting: they were burning reconsituted timer logs, sort of sawdust and glue in a dog-roll. Here they say, put out your light and have a loook. Sure enough, the chimney's glowing red from the top of the stove to the asbestos sheaf through the roof. Don't know if DOC hare replaced the missing front plate of the stove since then, but it only had one mode of operation: roating hot.
    15 May 2009
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