3 wire bridge

3 wire bridge

The evil Bridge


  • Yarmoss Yarmoss Oh, is this the bridge over the Hokuri? I never saw it as I walked along the beach of Lake McKerrow and crossed easily at the mouth (dropped the pack and had a nice swim there too!). 3 wire bridges take a bit of getting used to if you havnt crossed one before. They can tilt quite a few degrees either side when you are out in the middle. I find the hardest part is actually getting onto them as you usually have to step up while at the same time ducking underneath one of the handwires. Not easy with a pack on your back and walking poles in your hand!
    20 August 2009
  • Mike B Mike B What are these 3 wire bridges like to cross. I going thru the Hollyford in November and wonder what they are like. It took some time to get used to swing bridges!!!!!!
    3 August 2009
  • lgwaddel lgwaddel i belive this bridge is 20min walk up from the mouth of the Hokuri and Hollyford Rivers,i will find out next Feb
    11 May 2009
  • clive.s clive.s What is the bridge spanning?
    9 May 2009
  • peter1945 peter1945 long way to bounce and sway
    9 May 2009
  • www.freewebs.com/hellmission/ www.freewebs.com/hellmission/ lol that aint bad!
    9 May 2009
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