Sunrise Purakaunui Bay Catlins

Sunrise Purakaunui Bay Catlins

Sunrise at Purakaunui Bay, Catlins on Easter Monday 2009



  • lewshaw lewshaw Excellent shot.I must have a million sunrise/sunset shots,but this shot of yours,is a doozey!
    5 December 2010
  • lisa_puddles lisa_puddles This is a fantastic shot!
    26 April 2009
  • neil1 Thanks pmcke have corrected using your coordinates
    26 April 2009
  • pmcke pmcke Wrong Purakanui. This is the Purakanui just outside Dunedin. Purakanui Bay in the Catlins should be at 2250319 5401696 Great photo though
    26 April 2009
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