Poulter Bivvy

Poulter Bivvy

New Poulter Bivvy in the Upper Poulter River. 2 bunks with mattresses and new toilet. Very comfy biv.


  • Honora Honora Frank and I have started to cut and mark a deer trail on the true left below the Poulter Gorge. It begins about 300m upstream of opposite Worsley Biv and is marked with cruise tape. The section we have cut and marked takes you to the first scrubby knoll. We'll be back sometime to do more work and hopefully cruise-tape the entire deer trail to upstream of where the gorge starts. The idea is that when the river levels are up a bit in the gorge, that people can travel more comfortably especially during the winter as there are quite a few crossings in the gorge section. Anything to help encourage people to go into this not too frequently visited biv.
    28 September 2011
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