New Boots

New Boots

Still in the box, never been worn


  • pmcke pmcke Actually they were very good boots. The shop said they hadn't had this happen before. I was prepared to take a replacement pair if they could get me any, but they couldn't, so i took a refund.
    28 July 2009
  • rileyz rileyz haha, i whn i saw the pic i thought 'theyre not leather... did they last...?' then i saw your comment!
    27 July 2009
  • pmcke pmcke Unfortunately they didn't cut the mustard. On trip number 4 that seam to the left of the word Salomon parted company.
    9 July 2009
  • lisa_puddles lisa_puddles Very smart looking pair of boots!
    20 April 2009
  • pmcke pmcke I'm scared to take them out. They might get dirty!
    20 April 2009
  • nzbazza nzbazza Unboxing P@%n for trampers...
    19 April 2009
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