Madpom's survival camp, Mt Howitt, Douglas valley

Madpom's survival camp, Mt Howitt, Douglas valley

Madpom survivied 9 days here before giving up on rescue and walking (crawling) out to Horace Walker Hut 3 km (2 days) away.



  • ledge ledge Saw you on 'I Shouldn't Be Alive' TV series. What's your 'real name?' I wanna add your East Cape to West Cape expedition to the definitive list in my EPIC book. - Ray Salisbury, author
    21 February 2023
  • madpom madpom Kristina - see
    14 November 2011
  • Kristina what happened?
    12 November 2011
  • lisa_puddles lisa_puddles Great to hear you are safe and sound (with exception to the obvious injuries!) and that your back contributing to this great website.
    6 April 2009
  • peter1945 peter1945 Great pic, I bet you remember the place well!! Cheers, Peter.
    6 April 2009
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