ruapehu mountain

ruapehu mountain

a beautiful mountain taken from lake Rotoira



  • pmcke pmcke I agree, I didn't immediately recognise the profile of Tongariro from that angle. But then I did a fly around with Google Earth and sure enough it does look similar from that angle. Then I found this so that pretty much seals it. Photo should read Tongariro, not Ruapehu.
    31 March 2009
  • matthew matthew It's actually looking south toward Mount Tongariro. Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu are hidden behind the mountain.
    30 March 2009
  • pmcke pmcke Forgive me if I am wrong but I don't think this is Mt Ruapehu. If it is taken from Rotoira then it is more likely to be Mt Tongariro, but even then it doesn't look familiar. Maybe it is Pihanga or Kakaramea, or somewhere different altogether
    25 March 2009
  • bigpaul bigpaul very cool photo
    28 February 2009
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