Hunts Creek Hut

Hunts Creek Hut

5-7 hours slog up Kellys Creek from the Otira highway, this little abode is welcome site after mud-jumping across Hunts Saddle.



  • ledge ledge I shot this photo in Jan 2006, i think, of Denis Page's Upper Hutt TC tents. Jan Heine and Denis's party accompanied me onto Kelly Range and on to Carroll Hut. (See 2010 article in NZ Wilderness Mag I did).
    7 November 2011
  • Honora Honora There wasn't when we were there last weekend. It was just one of those flat soft patches ideal for pitching your tent in (until it starts raining)!
    28 October 2011
  • matthew matthew Wow I never realised there was a tarn there.
    19 January 2009
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