Last views of my tent

Last views of my tent

Camped out here two nights. In fact, I was caught up an extra night due to bad weather. The morning after, when weather improved, I was in a hurry do the packing; therefore, it fell from the pack to tussock while descent to the bushline, Kelly Knight Hut, Ruahine. The tent was pitched at the location between Iron Peg and the Waterfall/Pourangaki Hut junction, where there is a DoC signpost. Please note the signpost is not shown on topographical Ongaonga 1:50 000.


  • Dztramping Dztramping Just got mail tonight, Sunday 27 June. Late better than never. Where is your campsite? and where did you head to, next?
    30 June 2008
  • pmcke pmcke Your tent story is a sad one. Hopefully a kind tramper will find it, see this story and return it. I was trying to identify this tarn. Maybe it is the one we had lunch beside. My photos are here <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="pmcke/Tramping Trips/Ruahines 30-1-07" border="0" /></a>
    8 May 2008
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