Inside Big Hut

Rock and Pillar Conservation Area

Inside Big Hut

Large and roomy. A table tennis table, 2 large bunk rooms. What more could you want



  • madpom madpom No - haven't talked to Bruce. I was in the fire station & they were asking after anywhere big enough to put the snooker table which occupied their entire rec room. Made the suggestion of Big Hut, and the response was well you can bl***y carry it.
    17 February 2009
  • pmcke pmcke There is 4 wheel drive access along the top of the range as far as the fence at above the hut. Have you talked to Bruce Mason about this proposal?
    17 February 2009
  • madpom madpom Well since you ask ... I've been trying to pursuade Middlemarch Volunteer Fire Brigade to donate their unwanted full-size snooker table to the hut (it would fit, I've measured) , but they seem concerned about the logstics of transporation ...
    16 February 2009
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