Idle Meindl

Idle Meindl

An Idle moment after a long day bell track Pirongia



  • bigpaul bigpaul However carrying the extra 30 kilos of mud proveded by the bell track did inspire me to start again. I had to clean them to find my laces to get them off :)
    10 January 2010
  • pmcke pmcke And I thought it was there to force me to bend over when filling my waterbottle. No point cleaning boots on a trip I say, they are only going to get muddy again the next day.
    10 January 2010
  • bigpaul bigpaul Thats what that little trough beside the door is for I hope? You should have seen the rest of me.
    10 January 2010
  • pmcke pmcke Those boots are very clean for having come up the Bell track!!
    6 January 2010
  • matthew matthew Boot snap!
    6 November 2007
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