Huia loop walk - Waitakere Ranges

Waitakere Ranges Regional Park

  • 3 hr – 4 hr 30 min loop track
  • Easy/medium

Ok this is another goodie, 3-4 hours walk in young kauri forest with a view of the Manukau Harbour mouth and a great waterfall on the way - take your togs! A good introduction to tramping for your beginner friends I reckon.

Huia loop walk - Waitakere Ranges: Key information
Walking time
0 – 1 day
3 hr – 4 hr 30 min
Loop track
Loop track
No bookings — open access
No — open access
Huia loop walk - Waitakere Ranges: Find it
From the carpark at Huia Bay. Get there through Titirangi, turning left at the roundabout after village, and heading for Huia. If you get to Huia Lodge you're a bit too far.
Sea level – 390m
Altitude change 390m

Head up the Fletcher Track, a bit uphill but there's a nice viewpoint, and soon a nice ridge to coast along. Look out for a bit of bad track marking going up (sidle to the left);

When you get to Donald McLean track, head left (S) and up to the lookout point, yum! But don't get blown away.

Head back the same way and take the Bob Gordon track if you like, then carrying on straight ahead on the Karamatura Falls Track ooh this is a gem.

If you want to go a bit longer you could add the Tom Thumb track too and come back via the road. Enjoy!!

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