Above Centre Pass, Dusky Track

Above Centre Pass, Dusky Track

Just a short climb above Centre Pass (1050m) toward Mt Memphis (1405m) you reach the ridge bristling with tarns. The rock exposure is superb. Fiordland gneiss, I suspect. This is heaven on earth for a geologist. Beautiful structures, leucosomes, etc. Well worth the 30-40 minute climb up from the pass. Mt Memphis is a further 20-30m along the ridge.



  • DWARF-2 DWARF-2 Good view - glad to find specialist knowledge.
    23 January 2010
  • Roderick Roderick In gneiss or migmatie (high grade metamorphic rocks), you see these segregations of light and dark bands. These bands can often be very folded and contorted. The light-coloured ones, which may represent the beginnings of granite liquid separation, are known as leucosomes. I have a rather poor photograph of one of these, but if you look carefully, you can see these irregular contorted white segregation bands - these are the leucosomes I refer to.
    17 October 2007
  • matthew matthew Beautiful. Just curious: do you have a photograph of a leucosome?
    14 October 2007
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