A day will allow ample time for the walk in, and the downhill, return journey along the same route will be quicker. The track follows Lake Stream through beech forest to a tarn and a small 2-person hut. The tarn lies in a flat, clear patch of land at the head of the valley, and is surrounded by forest and by mountain ridges. While it is generally easy going, the track needs a little maintenance and some large trees block the route. Listen for the high-pitched "sip-sip" calls of the riflemen overhead on the track. These are New Zealand's smallest birds. At night frogs and moreporks can be heard in and around the tarn. The flora of the open space is largely tussock, flax, hebe, and spaniard.


Take State Highway 7 between Reefton and Springs Junction. Public transport services run along this road. The beginning of the track is poorly marked. Look for a small green sign on the right of a leftward bend 11km westward from Springs Junction (although a more obvious marker may be the footbridge nestled amongst the trees). There is space for car parking back towards Springs Junction.

The track runs alongside the stream, crossing it many times, in a landscape of beech trees, moss and granite. A raised, clear site to the left of the track would be suitable for camping if you should so desire (and if you can find it). Look for it near the beginning of the track as you cross a small, open, grassy flat, with the stream on your right.

Beneath the tarn the stream descends rapidly in a series of falls. Around this area the track is rather disrupted and you may lose it altogether. If in doubt just keep heading upstream. The tarn is shallow and vaguely defined, so it may be as easy to walk through as to walk around. There is camping near the hut and at other points near the tarn, although much of the ground is rather waterlogged. In spring you may have to battle with drifts of snow for a campsite.