Waingongoro Track Circuit

  • 3 hr – 5 hr 30 min loop track
  • Easy/medium

A nice loop track starting and ending at Dawson Falls (or could be done from East Egmont). Follow the Wilkes Pools track, then turn right onto the Wilkes Pools Loop Track. Not long after this there is a sign for the Stratford Plateau. Keep following this until you reach the top of the ridge, where you can keep going to the Plateau, or turn off to the Mountain House through the Enchanted Forest. After about 40 mins you will reach a junction - left to the Mtn House, right to the Waingongoro Hut. (If you go to the Mtn House you will need to return along the same track to this point). Follow the Waingongoro Track over the swing bridge. There is a short side trip to the hut once across the bridge. About another 20 minutes and there are signs for Dawson Falls Visitor Centre. Follow these and you'll come out downstream of the Wilkes Pools crossing. The track joins into the Wilkes Pool Track by the wooden bench. Another 5 minutes back to the Visitor Centre.

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Waingongoro Track Circuit: Key information
Walking time
0 – 1 day
3 hr – 5 hr 30 min
Loop track
Loop track
No bookings — open access
No — open access
Waingongoro Track Circuit: Find it
Dawson Falls Visitor Centre
Dawson Falls Visitor Centre

A detour could be made to the Mountain House along the Enchanted Forest walk. Return to the track the same way.

Quite a few big steps and the the track is undergoing maintenance. Do not do this walk if you are scared of heights, as it requires crossing high above the Waingongoro Gorge on a very rickety-looking swing bridge. One at a time, so no one can hold your hand.

The majority of this track is sheltered, so suitable for when there's lots of snow on the tops.

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