Kokatahi Bivouac

Kokatahi Bivouac

No - the camera's not on an angle - it's the Biv that's leaning. The dilapidated Kokatahi Bivouac below Zit Saddle in the upper Kokatahi valley.

Note: this biv has since been removed and the Top Kokatahi Hut relocated to this site



  • madpom madpom What was the deal with the candles? I'd forgotten about them.
    12 June 2009
  • Andrew Barker Andrew Barker It was leaning when I was there also! Also known as Candle Hut because of the metal drum full of candles inside. I think it was the right decision to remove it and relocate the Kokotahi Hut to this site.
    8 June 2009
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