Arahura-Styx track

Arahura-Styx track

The Arahura - Styx track: a benched historic pack-horse track through the Arahura and Styx valleys in Westland. An easy 36km roadend-roadend tramp (53km circuit), with gentle climbs and good views of the peaks above. 4 good huts on the track, with another on the connecting Lake Kaniere Track required to completed the circuit.



  • glennj glennj The first European track to the head of the Arahura was put in in 1865 for the goldminers. A major upgrade was done in the late 1880's. The blasted bluff in the photo probably dates from this period. The benched track through Styx Saddle that joins the Arahura track was put in around 1900 for easier access to the upper Wilberforce quartz reefs which were being prospected & mined for gold about this time. During the Depression of the late 20's early 30's relief workers were put to work doing track repairs on the Arahura & Styx.
    24 April 2013
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