Fantham's Peak

Egmont National Park

  • 5 hr – 7 hr return via same track
  • Medium

Nice hike - not too strenuous. Be aware of rapidly changing weather conditions.

Egmont in the Evening • By sweetytweety.
Fantham's Peak: Key information
Walking time
1 day
5 hr – 7 hr
Return via same track
Return via same track
No bookings — open access
No — open access
Fantham's Peak: Find it
Dawson's Falls Visitors Centre
Dawson Falls Visitors Centre

Nice day hike from Dawson Falls Visitor Centre. Track starts behind the centre and winds its way through the forest to the Hillary Memorial.  From there, scrub protects you from most of the wind, until you reach the 1000-step ascent. Care should be taken, as it can get very icy and slippery! A poled route leads from the top of the stairs across scoria to the summit. Fantastic views over Taranaki and Central North Island (cloud willing).

Standing on Cloud Nine • By bluepolaris. Licence: C.

Note: Weather on the mountain changes VERY quickly - within a couple of minutes. Be prepared to turn back without reaching your destination.  Be sure to take lots of layers. Fine, warm sunny days down the bottom, don't mean warm up the top!

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