Anini-Ruakituri Junction

Anini-Ruakituri Junction

This place is crawling with trout. Pity it's two big days walk from anywhere.



  • williamcooper hey if he walked in there he owns it.hey what route did you take to get there ,i am planning to walk down the anini and come out at papuni i have heard its a bit dangerous coming out the anini ,but my info dates back to 1946 ,was wondering if anyone has done that route
    22 August 2012
  • kieranpalmer kieranpalmer how do you know it wasnt caught BEFORE the law changed..?
    29 November 2010
  • matthew matthew Be aware that threatening comments will get you banned, regardless.
    12 August 2009
  • rod4fish This trout was an illegal kill. This guy should be punished by fish and game. I will report, Ivan
    28 July 2009
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