Update from DOC, December 2002 (thanks to Dawn Patterson for this info)

The Old Hump Ridge Track is now called the Teal Bay Route. It is a well marked route maintained at a minimum of every two years.  Recommended only for experienced trampers. You will need to carry water as there is none to be had on the top. Water will also be needed from Teal Bay Hut to track end. This can be obtained from the lake. The Hump Ridge Hut has not been replaced, tents will need to be carried. It would be advisable to carry either a PLB or mountain radio. Don't forget to fill out an intentions form. A route description can be found in the Waitutu Tracks brochure.


The southern end is located at the end of Blue
Cliffs Beach a short distance along the
South Coast Track. A logging road leads away from the beach. Take the first right branch and continue to the road end past numerous side roads. The northern track end is at a shelter and jetty on Lake Hauroko. From there the Lillburn Valley Road leads eastward to Clifden and the Waiau River bridge on SH99 north of Tuatapere.


Climbing through mature forest, the track reaches the site of Hump Hut near the bush-line. The hut was destroyed by fire in 1994. The track climbs on a poled route over open tops to its highest point, The Hump, before descending into forest and following a spur down to Lake Hauroko. From the foot of the lake the track follows a nearby low ridge before dropping to the lake shore.