Kahurangi Keepers House

Kahurangi Keepers House

Great spot but make sure you get your timing right if walking along beach for a) beach walking at Anatori River and b) Big River crossing near hut. Well worth a visit trip though! https://www.topomap.co.nz/NZTopoMap/nz44341/Kahunangi-Keepers-Hut/Tasman



  • lewshaw lewshaw Fab place.Spent a week here one June.Knew the last keeper whose father was also the keeper.The latter in the big 1931(?) earthquake when the lighthouse swung with its disc almost hitting the ground.Alva Page was only 10 at the time.The sandhill behind the hut has to be seen,and walked ,to be believed.The coal range with wetback made having a hot bath a real pleasure.Yes,have had my moments in the Big River lagoon!
    19 October 2021
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