Cascade Saddle Route from Aspiring Hut

Cascade Saddle Route from Aspiring Hut

The route does not actually cross the saddle, but follows the rugged spur in the top centre of this photograph, leading to a pylon on the ridge. The route is very slippery and hazardous in wet weather.



  • BlueDog The trip over Cascade Saddle is tremendous for its views of Mount Aspiring and other peaks. Take water from either of two streams crossing the track, once underway, as once you are above the bushline it is dry! The track is steep and grunty once in the tussock, with 3 steeper rocky bits which require care. Please take care up here! It is no place to be in foul weather, believe me. There is a toilet beside the Cascade Stream, which is very handy to campsites. The glacial bench beside the Dart Glacier is another neat camping place. Just above here is a small rock shelter, visible from the track, on the way down
    18 January 2009
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