Remarkable Peak - Mt Bowen Ridgeline

Remarkable Peak - Mt Bowen Ridgeline

Between Mt Beaumont and Mt Bowen a steep descent exists of Remarkable Peak. Remote Huts website does not have a defined route oiff it - but speculates that 'it may be possible' to drop east into the Cropp and reascend.


  • glennj glennj Yes you can drop off Galena Ridge in to the Cropp and then climb back on to Mt Bowen. A few people I know have done the Mikonui Spur. Mt Bowen, Dickson Pass, sidle below Remarkable Peak, Galena Ridge, Healey Spur circuit. If you want to climb Remarkable Peak as well it is not a big detour when on Galena Ridge.
    1 September 2020
  • glennj glennj I've climbed those two. Remarkable Peak from Healy Creek Hut and Bowen from the old Rapid Creek Bivvy. Bowen is usually climbed from Mikonui Spur Biv these days. Top country!
    23 August 2020
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