Lake Morgan from Mt.O'Shanessy March 2019

Lake Morgan from Mt.O'Shanessy March 2019

Our first view of the basin containing Lake Morgan. We have just gone over the bouldery 1400m peak a short way before Mt.O'Shanessy 1462m. We are arriving from the Brian O'Lyn route. An ascent from the Haupiri river. In front is the SW spur. It descends to appx 1130m to a large tarn. Lake Morgan hut is 30m below that and adjacent to the Lake Morgan outlet. The hut has no toilet, minimal water tank (appx 50L) and sleeps six. It is very well maintained.



  • aardvark aardvark Kathryn just told me she saw the toilet seat and some sort of frame for it under the hut.
    19 March 2019
  • glennj glennj Lake Morgan Hut used to have a long drop toilet! At one stage the structure blew away but the hole in the ground and seat arrangement were still there.
    19 March 2019
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