Taff Tor etc. Hohonu Range Feb 2019

Taff Tor etc.  Hohonu Range  Feb 2019

I took this photo when traversing southward down the Hohonu Range.

Taff Tor which is the second high point just left of center was my objective. I reached its summit about 12.30pm after a 5½ hour walk from where I had camped in a tent next to the Eastern Hohonu River. Descending by a different route to the tent took 3½ hours.

Travel was ok on the main ridge but slow through a broad scrub zone and some of the bush that had old windthrow in it. None of this country was was tracked except for chamois trails that didn't necessarily go in the direction I wanted. A smattering of chamois were seen, mainly in the scrub zone but also on the open tops and in the lower altitude tall forest.

There were fabulous views from Taff Tor and other parts of the crest of the range. The map pointer shows Taff Tor.



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    5 February 2019
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