One of the gorges,the friendliest,in the Toaroha

One of the gorges,the friendliest,in the Toaroha

On our way up to Adventure Biv ,we hove to & had a dip in the river.An hour or so before,we buzzed up to the hot pool in Wren Creek,where some enterprising party has made a superb job of building a semi-permanent stone wall round the spring.All 4-5 hours from the roadend.Since my last visit here,DOC have done a great job of enlarging Cedar Flats Hut.After 4 days exploring we headed out & made the mistake of exciting via the flood route,at night,to save time!Like most short cuts it went pear shaped but 15 minutes before hitting the roadend,we were treated to a spectacular display of glowworms in the cuttings.


  • glennj glennj The water level is lower than normal!
    19 January 2019
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