Lake Ruby Hohonu Range

Lake Ruby Hohonu Range

This photo taken while doing a tops traverse of part of the Hohonu Range shows seldom seen Lake Ruby. The pyramid like peak in the background is Mt Treacey.

This trip I got on to the range west of Mt Smart and travelled generally eastward as far as Deutgam Peak then turned around and started heading back. A night was spent while heading in each direction at the rock bivvy in the head of Smart Creek. (this is about a 1km detour each way down in to and back out of a basin )

Mt Smart, Deutgam Peak, the rock bivvy and Lake Ruby are flagged on the accompanying map.



  • glennj glennj Yep! I haven't met anyone else or heard/read of anyone else that has walked in and been to the top of Deutgam Peak. 50+ years ago someone hunting, prospecting or exploring probably has though? Occasionally fly in chamois hunters camp in this general area.
    19 January 2019
  • lewshaw lewshaw Good work! Won`t have been many before you in there.
    14 January 2019
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