View from Bell Hill August 2018

View from Bell Hill  August 2018

This photo was taken from the summit of Bell Hill on the West Coast and looks SE toward the Southern Alps. An historic iron pipe trig (survey beacon) is on the summit above a more recent metal trig. The country in the distance behind the trig is the Lake Morgan area which is great tramping.

There are no tracks to the top of Bell Hill so it is a matter of walking up through the bush. The lower slopes close to Deep Creek show signs of having been worked for gold in the past. It was pleasing to see kaka in the bush. Several large kaikawaka (mountain cedar) trees were encountered on a terrace not far below the summit and there were smaller specimens elsewhere on the hill.

There is low scrub on the summit but if you pick your place you get very good views of the surrounding countryside. A bit further ESE along the summit ridge from the top there is an open area.



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