Battery at Cedar Creek Reefs June 2018

Battery at Cedar Creek Reefs  June 2018

This photo was taken not far from the Mt Greenland Hut and illustrates just one of the many relics associated with gold mining in the vicinity.

It shows part of a ten stamp battery that is still in situ in the Langdon Creek tributary of Cedar Creek. It was once used to crush gold bearing quartz rock. The battery site also contains a considerable number of other relics including a pelton wheel, winch, cyanide tanks and remains of the battery house.

The battery is two separate five stamper batteries that were paired and worked in tandem. One came to the site in 1917 and the other in 1937. Crushing stopped about 1940 so the second battery had a brief working life.The first battery set up in this area dated back to 1884 but it was sold and removed about 1890. There are quite a few adits (tunnel entrances), surface trenches and shallow shafts/pits in the wider area in a strip running east and west of the battery.

The area is worth a look if you are interested in history.



  • glennj glennj The more northerly map pointer on a ridge shows Mt Greenland Hut and the other more southerly map pointer down by a creek shows the battery site.
    10 July 2018
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