Auckland Council's Environment and Community Committee decided 10 April 2018 to close public access in response to Kauri Dieback Disease. Forested areas will be closed, while beaches and pasture lands will remain open. Some closures will also occur in the Hunua Ranges. The closures will be backed by a Controlled Area Notice under the Biosecurity Act. 

The Waitākere Ranges are already subject to a rāhui (customary closure) established four months ago by local iwi, Te Kawerau ā Maki. The iwi called on Auckland Council at the time to establish a biosecurity Controlled Area. 

Auckland Counciller, Penny Hulse commented on Radio NZ Morning Report: "Areas that are permanently closed, that will be intergenerational. There are parts of the Waitākere ranges that will be off limits for my lifetime."

Staff are now beginning to decommission tracks and remove signage from the Waitākere Ranges Regional Park.

Once surface improvements and rerouting is undertaken, some tracks will be reopened. The Hillary Trail is affected by the closure, but will be a priority for reopening.

Kauri Dieback is caused by a soil pathogen and infects kauri roots and has been found to be spread by humans. The Waitākere Ranges are the most heavily infected area recorded in the country with over 18% of trees found to be infected in 2016. 

Waitākere Ranges Closures (updated May 2019)

The following tracks remain open. All others are closed.

  • Anawhata Beach Track
  • Arataki Nature Trail (partial)
  • Beveridge Track
  • Byers Walk
  • Caves Track
  • Comans Track
  • Connect Track
  • Exhibition Drive
  • Huia Dam Road
  • Huia Lookout
  • Ian Wells Track (partial)
  • Kakamatua Beach Walk
  • Kitekite Track
  • Knutzen Track
  • Laird Thomson Track
  • Lake Wainamu Track
  • Large Kauri Walk
  • Lion Rock Track
  • Long Road Track (partial)
  • Manukau Timber Company Heritage Trail
  • Marawhara Walk
  • Mercer Bay Loop Track
  • Monument Track
  • Orpheus Graves Walk
  • Parker Track
  • Pipeline Road
  • Pōhutukawa Glade Walk
  • Rose Track
  • Spragg Monument Track
  • Taraire Track (partial)
  • Tasman Lookout Track
  • Te Henga Walkway
  • Upper Nihotupu Dam Road
  • Waitakere Dam Walk

Hunua Ranges Closures (updated May 2019)

Most tracks are open, but these tracks are closed:

  • Cossey Wairoa Track
  • Lower Link Track
  • Lower Mangatawhiri Track
  • Lower Workman Track
  • Mangatangi Trig Track
  • Upper Link Track
  • Waharau Ridge Track
  • Whakatiwai Ridge Track
  • Whakatiwai Road Track

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