Old track near Amuri Pass

Old track near Amuri Pass

Amuri Pass was once a walking and stock droving route between Canterbury and the West Coast. It was first walked by Europeans in 1861 when a track was cut through it. (surveyor John Rochford who had sighted the pass a couple of years earlier cut the pilot track) By 1863 stock were being driven over the pass to stock the first West Coast farms. This was before the gold rushes occurred on the West Coast!

Today there are bits of the old cattle track remaining near Amuri Pass. (and elsewhere along the route) My photo shows a well preserved section of the cattle track taken in the high bush country about a kilometer down the Waiheke River from Amuri Pass and dates from Easter 2018.



  • glennj glennj Horse trekkers are working on reopening this pack track.
    8 July 2018
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