Southern descent of Mt.Browns Tops

Southern descent of Mt.Browns Tops

Moving through a boggy section of the Mt.Browns Tops route just before dropping over the edge into the creek. That's Meharry Spur in the background as it climbs to meet the Browning range. Beyong that is the Toaroha range.



  • aardvark aardvark It was a pretty clear route. Only paused once to regain the track, probably only about 200m above the river. I think it had had some clearing. I spent more time clearing things off Griffin Tops track.
    21 March 2018
  • glennj glennj Nice spot & view. I was lower down on that route in Feb after the two recent ex tropical cyclones removing windfalls across the track. Any fresh windfalls there or above the old hut site where I stopped when working up from the bottom?
    20 March 2018
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