Kelly Range quartz mining

Kelly Range quartz mining

There has been some talk about relics on the Kelly Range from the quartz mining days and speculation about remains of an old building up there. Relics do exist on the range and the earliest date from 1869.

There are quite a few relics that can still be seen on the Kelly Range. The benched tracks are an aspect that that can be easily overlooked. Both the track from the Seven Mile and the track from Kellys Creek owe their existence to the pursuit of gold. 

On both the Kellys Creek  and Seven Mile sides of the range as well as on its crest there are old gold workings. Some of the shallow pits and trenches can be mistaken as being of natural origin but the deeper shafts, pits and adits (mine entrances) are unmistakeably of human origin.  Glass, metal and tidily stacked rocks are also a give away. 

Partially toppled dry stone walls of a (two roomed?) structure remain to this day. I'm not sure if it was a hut or "stabling" for ponies that carted ore & supplies.


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