Pinnacle Biv

Pinnacle Biv

A cosy,reflective lunch stop on a bluebird day.A day excursion from Boo Boo hut where one of our party was extracted the previous night after a heart attack on the walk in.Very lucky for the person involved & a great bit of team work on the part of the Greymouth Rescue Chopper.Part of wanting to get up toward Crinkle Top was to attain phone coverage to see how our mans` health was-lucky & able to tell the tale afterward.Pic not taken from a helo but from a low ridge south of the biv.


  • glennj glennj Nice pic Lew! That is one of my favourite bivs. I love the Toaroha Range tops & pop up there every now and again and have been doing so since 1972 when the old biv was still there.
    1 August 2017
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