Mt Richardson to Lees Valley

Mt Richardson to Lees Valley

I got round to waling this track a few weeks ago. The map compares the formed track (red) with the legal roadline (purple). Pretty close (but no cigar). The formed track is within 20m of the legal line at all times as you descend to flats. Once on the flats the legal road splits, with one branch cutting diagonally across paddocks, and easily followed within the legal roadline. The other branch cuts down the 'wrong' side of the fenceline in thick scrub and would require cutting to be followed.

I followed the fenceline to the river - figuring the cocky would rather I did that than cut right through his paddocks - legal road or no.

That said, the legal line is definately followable from the boundary to the river, and it would be realistic for someone more local than myself to cut & mark the legal line from Mt Richardson to the river. Or maybe to enter into a WAC-mediate discussion with the cocky about the merits of doing


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