Cedrics Track

  • 20 min one way
  • Easy

Short walk on the sunny northern slopes of Sugarloaf, in Christchurch's Port Hills.

Cedrics Track: Key information
Walking time
20 min
One way
One way
No bookings — open access
No — open access
Cedrics Track: Find it
Sign of the Kiwi, Dyers Pass Road, Christchurch
Summit Road east of Sugarloaf, Christchurch
329m – 428m
Altitude change 99m

Cedrics Track explores the sunny tussock slopes of Sugarloaf, overlooking Christchurch city. Connect up with Gilpins or or Mitchells Track to do a full circuit of the summit, and contrast the forest of the harbour slopes with the golden grassland over the city.

Car parks are located both east and west of Sugarloaf. Cedrics Track leads between them. The western car park is located next to the Sign of the Kiwi on the summit of Dyers Pass Road. Cross diagonally to the track start. The track is described here west to east.

The track climbs through tussock and scrub past the ends of Mitchells and Gilpins Tracks, but curving around the city side of the hill. After a few minutes, the track crosses a car park and sidles gently past muehlenbeckia, harakeke, matagouri, to a ridge. Over the ridge, the track drops past the end of Gilpins Track and leads to the car park. 

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