Safety Camp Creek Basin & Pt 1462m

Safety Camp Creek Basin & Pt 1462m

This photo was taken from the Elliot tops above the Ahaura and Clarke Rivers on the West Coast. It looks north in to the head basin of Safety Camp Creek. Point 1462m is the high point immediately behind the basin.

There is a large tarn at the head of this basin and a further 1.5km north along the range there is a lake. The general area used to be popular with deer & chamois hunters but doesn't get much use these days. Trampers seldom visit but the effort to reach the tops is well rewarded with the views and likelihood of seeing chamois.

A track / marked route to these tops from the Ahaura - Kopara Road still exists though it does not show on modern maps. The hut that used to be in the tussock in the head Safety Camp Ck was blown down and the hut in the high altitude bush on the ridge that leads to Point 1380m has collapsed.



  • BAynsley BAynsley Track trimmed and marked Nov 23
    26 November 2023
  • BAynsley BAynsley Track up has suffered a little the last couple of years but still very followable! The old pink trig has fallen apart also
    6 February 2023
  • BAynsley BAynsley Excellent, I see the comment now ill take my silky and some loppers for a tidy up and see if I can get a trail cleared through the monkey scrub
    10 January 2017
  • glennj glennj Ben I commented on the track condition on your Ahaura River photo back in Sept. I've been up once more recently & it's still the same as then. I'll visit the lake sometime too; so far I've only poked around the sthn end of the range. Lovely tops!
    2 January 2017
  • BAynsley BAynsley Hi Glenn , How is the track looking at the moment? I havent been up Elliot in the last 12 months but im planning a trip up to the lake this Month.
    1 January 2017
  • glennj glennj The hut in the tussock that blew down was an NZDA one. Mike De Lury says it was destroyed in the late 70's or early 1980's. The hut in the high bush last appeared on a 1959 map. Mike says it was a deer cullers camp. It collapsed in the 70's?
    29 November 2016
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