Minchin Bivvy Feb 2016

Minchin Bivvy  Feb 2016

The photo is of Minchin Biv & is taken looking down Minchin Stream. It was built by the NZFS (New Zealand Forest Service) even though it was within a National Park for use by NZFS hunters and is over fifty years old.

I've been told this biv is going to be done up soon. It's in a good spot less than half a day walk from the Taramakau & Poulter valley bottoms.



  • bmackz Great spot stayed there a couple of times. Good to hear it's getting some TLC
    21 March 2016
  • glennj glennj I've just read that the impending "do up" I mentioned has been completed by Roger Woods and two other volunteers. It may last another 50 years now?
    8 March 2016
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