Blue Duck Bivvy Setting Feb 2016

Blue Duck Bivvy Setting  Feb 2016

Blue Duck Bivvy is a derelict B-49 style NZ Forest Service hunters bivvy that was built in the late 1950's and it is still on site.

There is also a dry rock in the vicinity that used to by used by Internal Affairs & NZFS hunters prior to the construction of the bivvy.

The bivvy is something of an historic curiosity rather than a serious accommodation option. A tent or dry rock would be better if contemplating staying in this attractive area.

This biv which shows on old 1960's era maps and which has been spotted from the air from time to time in the past doesn't appear on DOC info. Until recently it was in the forgotten, missing or lost category. Many people thought that it no longer existed but Jim & James Masson spotted it whilst descending Mt Reeves in Jan 2016. They spread the word and Martin & Kerry Clapham walked in for a look to ascertain the state of the biv in late Jan 2016.



  • Honora Honora Great setting and lovely photo.
    10 March 2016
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