Knutzen Track

Waitakere Ranges Regional Park

  • 20 min one way
  • Easy/medium

This track visits Kitekite Falls, a highlight of the Waitakere Ranges.

Kitekite Falls • By matthew. Licence: C.
Knutzen Track: Key information
Walking time
20 min
One way
One way
Narrow and rough in parts, with a stream crossing. Grades explained
No bookings — open access
No — open access
Knutzen Track: Find it
Kitekite Track junction near Glenesk Road, Piha.
Kitekite Track junction near Falls.
30m – 100m
Altitude change 70m

The Knutzen Track does not start at the car park. See Kitekite Falls for a full description. 

From the Kitekite Track junction by Glen Esk Stream, the Knutzen Track continues easily to the Falls. A short wooden staircase leads down to the bare rock deck of the Falls. This is a popular spot for swimming.

The track crosses the outflow stream, and sidles into forest. This section is narrow and rough. The track soon meets a wooden platform junction with Kitekite and Connect Tracks. 

Connecting tracks

  • Kitekite Falls describes the usual circuit into the falls along the Kitekite, Knutzen, and Byers Tracks.
  • Kitekite Track leads up the valley from the Glenesk Road car park, meeting both ends of the Knutzen Track.
  • Connect Track visits the top of the Falls, and leads to the Winstone Track. 
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