Waitakere Tramline Walk

Waitakere Ranges Regional Park

  • 30 min one way
  • Easy

Follow the rails of the tramline and pipeline that serviced the Waitakere Reservoir.

Waitakere Dam and Falls • By matthew. Licence: C.
Waitakere Tramline Walk: Key information
Walking time
30 min
One way
One way
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Waitakere Tramline Walk: Find it
Waitakere Reservoir
Western portal of George's Tunnel

This track follows the course of the Waitakere Dam tramline from its terminus at the Waitakere Dam to the western portal of George's Tunnel, the long tunnel that runs under Scenic Drive. This track is best accessed via the Waitakere Dam Walk, and provides an interesting extension to that walk. It is easiest to simply return the way you came. 

Rock lily • By matthew. Licence: C.

The Waitakere Tramline opened in 1907, followed by the dam in 1910. The tramline was opened as a 2-foot-6-inch gauge railway, but was narrowed to the present 2-foot-gauge about 20 years ago. This tramline is one of three in the Waitakere Ranges.

From the road near the eastern end of the Waitakere Dam, a sign indicates the tramline walk. Follow steps down to the tramline which leads away from the dam. The line leads beneath steep bluffs decorated with rock lilies, and soon passes under a flume. There are good views of the Waitakere Falls from here.

The tramline through a short tunnel and comes to Picnic Flats, a disheveled picnic area with a railside shelter and distinctly backcountry toilet hidden in the trees. Watch for swallows nesting in the rafters.

From here, the tramline rounds a bend to an old worksite near George's Tunnel. Return the way you came, or connect up with other (much rougher) tracks in the area. 

Walking times

If you are walking from the Waitakere Dam car park on Scenic Drive to the end of the tramline, allow at least 2 hours for the return journey.

  • Waitakere Dam to Picnic Flats: 20 minutes
  • Picnic Flats to George's Tunnel: 10 minutes

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