Mitchells Track

  • 20 min one way
  • Easy

Short, handsome forest walk in Christchurch's Port Hills.

Mitchells Track: Key information
Walking time
20 min
One way
One way
No bookings — open access
No — open access
Mitchells Track: Find it
Sign of the Kiwi, Dyers Pass Road, Christchurch
Summit Road, Christchurch
330m – 400m
Altitude change 70m

This short trail explores the damp inner flanks of Sugarloaf, the prominent knob topped with a radio/TV mast on the Crater Rim, above Lyttelton Harbour. The trail links up well with both Gilpins and Cedrics Tracks for a pleasant loop walk.

The Sign of the Kiwi was one of the rest houses established by Harry Ell. Until recently, it operated as a cafe, but it is currently shuttered. There are still toilets and a drinking fountain available, with a car park nearby. From the Sign of the Kiwi, cross Dyers Pass Road and take the marked track up stone steps.

At a junction, Cedrics Track heads onto the sunny grassland to the left, which Mitchells breaks to the right into rich forest. The track passes a popular rocky viewpoint, under some bluffs, and by a couple of stone seats. Coming out of forest, it climbs up onto the ridge and passes the ends of Gilpins and Cedrics Tracks. A car park is located on the Summit Road here. 

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