Track amongst gold workings Taipo River

Track amongst gold workings Taipo River

This photo shows a section of the Seven Mile Creek to Kelly Range tops track that passes amongst old alluvial gold workings. This is in the Taipo River catchment less than 1km from the Dillon huts. Both up and down stream of the DOC track where it leaves the creek there are old gold workings. There are sluice faces, stacked stones, head and tail races, shafts and tunnels.

I guess many people walk along the track through this area without realising they are amongst old gold workings. Its worth considering getting off track and having a look around.



  • Honora Honora I like to hurry through this section purposefully in case of earthquakes!
    11 December 2015
  • matthew matthew Fantastic.
    8 December 2015
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